Questions about Socios Member Club?

We’ve got answers.

About us

A concierge assists members by performing various tasks such as booking hotels, spa arrangements, plain tickets, recommending nightlife hotspots etc.

Socios Member Club presents you with the ability to access a premium business network to grow your business and can not guarantee growth.

The concierges in Socios are not employees by us directly, but they have passed a stringent screening policy to be registered with Socios as a concierge.


Send us your complaint via a ticket on the website or Socios app or by email.

Socios Member support can be contacted via email and postal services.

Privacy & Security

The Socios communication tool is built on military grade End-to-End encryption engines. Please read more about this on the security & privacy section.

If you think somebody has access to your Socios Members Club account, or if you have been locked out, please use the password recovery system found on the login page of the application. In extreme circumstances and once you have tried the recovery system, please reach out to us. (See the FAQ Contact section.)

Reward Program

No, Socios is an online memberclub with benefits. Our members promote our club to their network. We do have a Multi Level reward program in place, because we believe that everyone should benefit if our club gets bigger.

Socios membership fees are paid via Appstore and Google Playstore. It takes 45 days for them to process the payments and report the active Member Database to us. After we ran those reports our software will generate the Member reward calculation. This administrative process will take 20 days. We work by monthly reports. Example: If Apple reports January 2021 to us on 15th March 2021, then we will complete our Member reward calculations on 10th April 2021.

Click on “Reward Program” in the account section of the Socios app to view the members who have joined Socios via your invitation and the members who have joined in the chain below them.

Payment of commissions are automatically paid into your account via PayPal, there is a record in your PayPal account to confirm dated payments received.

All connections you make with your referral will generate one USD per connection, down through seven layers of the connections network. you receive commissions for each network user who connects.

You will need to ensure your monthly subscription is live and valid to receive commission payments.

Socios Application

There are many ways to answer this question, but we think the best way is to show you:

Yes, you can, but the communication logs (chat, calls, videos) will stay on one handset, because we use end-to-end encryption with keys at endpoint (not on the server!).

Your Socios username is unique and cannot be changed after creation. If you a new username, you will have to create a new account.

Yes, you can, but the communication logs (chat, calls, videos) will stay behind on one handset, because we use end-to-end encryption with keys at endpoint (not on the server!).

Tap on “forgotten password” and Socios will send an email to the address you used at sign up in which you can reset your password.

Socios has a very secure login system, so please be sure to create a memorable password that has more than seven characters, uppercase and lowercase, with at least one number.

Socios Connectivity

Visit www.sociosmemberclub.com for the latest info, submit a support ticket via the website, or from the application, or alternatively send us your query by email.

You will only be able to communicate through your Socios application with a live internet connection. You can use Socios over Wi-Fi.

Socios in the media

Socios, unlike similar platforms, offer the Member prestige exposure to global entrepreneurs and organisations, Socios also pays you monthly commissions as you grow your network.

Socios Installation

Apple users visit the Apple store and Android users go to Google Play.

Your Socios application is for mobile Android and iOS devices only (smart phones & tablets).

Socios Membership

The membership fee is 29.95 USD per month to be paid in the Apple store and Google Playstore.

Please contact socios directly to avoid any disruption in your Membership.

To cancel your Socios Member Club subscription simply go to the ‘Subscription’ option in the settings page of the app. Alternatively, you can achieve this by going go to Apple or Google and cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your Socios membership at any time, but you should keep your monthly commissions consistent should you want to receive the benefits of the service.

A selection of partner companies will provide exclusive benefits related to apparel, travelling and events.

Yes, you can create multiple Socios accounts.

You must 18 years or older to benefit from the Socios membership.

The Socios MasterCard will be available to members after 6 months of membership

To access all the benefits of your Socios system and receive your commissions, the monthly subscription is required.