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“Coming together is the beginning, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The best way to build a network is to be clear about what you want and what you can offer. Whether you’re looking for an investor or want to get in contact with like-minded professionals, Socios provides you with a platform to do just that. In times of social distancing, networking has never been so easy.


Search, find & connect

Search Socios member profiles with real potential and discover common ground.

On top of that your profile shines through to relevant Socios members who are looking for you right now.



Instead of using external apps to chat with your business contacts, our end-to-end encrypted messenger provides every functionality you need to be productive without compromising security and privacy.


From (group)chat to (conference)call with the touch of a button. No complicated actions or endless signup procedures from external apps needed. Just click, communicate and overcome.


Whether you want to share a PDF presentation with a potential investor or just a GIF to lift your team’s spirits. Socios supports an extensive number of file types to help your business flourish.


Members only

Exclusive concierge services

A global team of lifestyle managers 24/7 at your disposal to make your day-to-day life ever so comfortable, so you can focus on your business in the most productive way.

Being part of our exclusive members club gives you access to a global team of concierges and other lifestyle professionals, whether it’s business or leisure. Our highly skilled network of worldwide professionals take care of your hotel bookings, dining reservations, premium activities and just about any other service you may need.


Member benefits

As an exclusive members club we have collective leverage, and we use it to your advantage.

Become a Socio and enjoy many benefits and discounts. The bigger our members club grows, the more exclusive deals and offers you get access to.

Unique experiences: premium hotels and exclusive events

Exclusive apparel: High end fashion brands and jewelry.


Reward Program

Join Socios and you’re hooked, but why stop there? Participate in our mission, start your reward program and share in our success. At Socios we believe success is no accident, it’s the result of hard work. And hard work should be rewarded.

Start making money

Join the reward program with a tap of a finger. Sign up for the reward program in the Socios app and voila, you can start earning some serious cash.

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